documented, collected, dissected, preserved,
described, and charted

on documentation and change, mixed media, gunehar/kiel, 2014

there are distinct signs that most likely, though quite hard to believe, there was an international art exhibition in gunehar in 2013. gunehar is a small village in the kangra valley in the indian state of himachal pradesh, an ancient trading post as remote as you can imagine and as central as can be.
the only information I could find about the art scene of the region dates back to the 18th century.

my aim is to preserve and remember this rare and probably unique event for a future audience, particularly because there are traces and fragments of the event to be seen even now. even though in different stages of fragmentation and decay, they allow to be documented, collected, dissected, preserved, described and charted.
I have also documented the places where the objects were found and those places that apparently were exhibition venues.

as it is, the region of gunehar seems to be a highly transitory place in terms of geology and culture.
the future lies in the uncertainties.