on the far side

site-specific sculpture, bonn, 2015
collaboration with anna hochhalter

6 art spaces in an art space

buildings in order of appearance:

1. bundeskunsthalle / art gallery of the federal republic of germany

2. hut without a roof, model of hut no.6.
scale = 10:1
rotten wood

3. model of the guggenheim museum bilbao, arch.: frank o. gehry
scale unknown (fragment)
cardboard, foil, plastic, wood

4. model of a birch bark tent
scale = ca. 1:2
birchwood, laser engraving, hempcord

5. model of the former NSA/CIA observation tower in berlin teufelsberg
scale unknown
cardboard, paper

6. baba yaga´s hut
scale = 1:1
overhead transparency, wood

7. model of the gazprom headquarters in moscow
scale unknown (fragment)